InterActual Player is Spyware.

I bought a DVD drive on a whim yesterday. Installing the hardware was quite pleasing since I had to flex my problem solving skills a little bit, but not too much. (I learned that my PC manufacturer shorted me one IDE cable. Yesterday morning I didn’t even know what an IDE cable was.) Finally, I rented Human Nature to test it out.

The first thing that happened after I put my first DVD into my first DVD player: An installation wizard opened up and I let it walk me through the installation of a friendly little piece of spyware called InterActual Player.

Installation Wizard: “This InterActual Player software application allows you to access additional content and features on the disc and from the Internet.”

Me: What? I already installed a DVD player. Okay, whatever. (Skims through short license, clicks “Install”.)

Installation Wizard: “Please provide us with anonymous demographic data so we may optimize your software experience to serve you better [, chump] . . . The InterActual Player collects and uploads anonymous product usage and viewing behavior information to be used and provided to third parties by InterActual for marketing purposes.”

Warner Bros: (Figuratively holds up hand as if to wave hello, but extends middle finger instead.)

PS, Human Nature is a good movie. You should see it.

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  1. For a couple of years I’ve used Adaware spyware remover for this sort of obnoxious stuff.

    So far as I know it’s still free and, hopefully, isn’t some even MORE sophisticated form of spyware itself.

  2. It appears that some rental movies that contain this spyware won’t play if you don’t load it… they just give repeated replay of the initial screen.

  3. Anyone know how to keep that Interactual program from popping up when the DVD’s inserted?

  4. “Please provide us with anonymous demographic data …”

    You n00b (as evidenced by your IDE epiphany.) It came right out and asked you. It’s not Spyware, it’s Askware. Nothing wrong with that (unless you answer “No”, and it still demagogs you.)

    Kevin, you could always disable Autorun. Otherwise, just cancel and use your fave (pl)fla(y)vor.

    So. Anyone else? Is this Spyware? (I ain’t installing this shit on my machine.)

  5. The actual function of the software wasn’t revealed until after it’s installed. If it’s Askware, it’s Take-then-Askware.

  6. My main complaint about it is it makes itself the default DVD player.
    While it’s not a bad player, it doesn’t compare to PowerDVD.
    In order to play my DVDs with PowerDVD I must shutdown the Interactual player and manually start PowerDVD. I was left with the choice of going through this procedure everytime I played a DVD or uninstalling Interactual.
    Unfortunately, ever since I uninstalled Interactual I get the damn nag boxes to reinstall it again.
    Is there a way to disable these nag boxes WITHOUT installing the Interactual Player?

  7. I installed the software that came with my “liteon” drive from Best Buy. Interactual was installed without asking and was not even mentioned on the disk. It came on Sonic MyDVD and I can’t find a way to get rid of the nag box when you right click on autoplay. I have been though the whole hard disk and regestry and can’t find the software. There was a whole load of crap left in the registry after I thought I had uninstalled it, and now it keeps wanting to reinstall.

    I sent e-mails to everyone connected with this but I don’t have a response yet. STAY AWAY from it.

    I would greatly appreciate any help in getting rid of it and keeping it off.

    PowerDVD is much better anyway.

  8. I didn’t even know where this thing came from before coming across this article! (I guess my son must have installed it off a movie DVD) What the hell is it supposed to do? (beside popping up by default, and irritating the hell out of everyone)

  9. I really dont know, whether it’s a spyware or not. But, I use Lavasoft Adaware to scan my system regularly, it never reported me about interactual player. If you have a personal firewall like norton personal firewall or mcafee’s one, no data will go out without your knowledge.

    It’s really very good player. You should hear the sound effects from Interactual. Personally, I prefer Interactual when compared to PowerDVD or WinDVD (even the version 5), sound effect is not as good as interactual.

    Although, there are other problems like pressing ESC force to start from beginning and very poor navigation controls, watching moving using Digital Speakers (5.1 sound + 6 satellite speakers) on PC, interactual sound effect is the best.

    If u are using 2 speakers, then other players are good.

    Rest all up to u

  10. Since I have installed Ad aware on my laptop, Interactual is not playing any more. I am now stuck I can’t play any DVD at all.
    Can I uninstall interactual?
    If I happen to do it successfully which DVD program player will be suitable?

  11. I’ve recently had to delete a number of abusive or condescending comments from this page – which is unfortunate considering some of the abusive comments also posed some good points.

    This isn’t really a forum for questions about Interactual Player, but I’ll put together a list of resources and post them here in the next few days.

    In the meantime, I’m closing this entry to further comments.

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