Talking to Dogs

I finished my lunch and walked out of Pagliacci’s. There was a pair of dogs tied up to the rail outside. I said, “Hey, dogs,” and walked over to gave them both a couple of pats on the head. Behind me I heard Chris’ voice, “Hey, Jeff,” and I looked back and said hello as he walked away.

The thing is, while my “Hey, dogs,” was mostly meant as something along the lines of, “Hey look. Dogs!”, there was also more than a little bit of “Hello, dogs. How are you today?” in the way it was delivered.

So I was caught talking to dogs – and not just dogs, strange dogs. I guess I’m just glad that I wasn’t caught barking at dogs.

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  1. At least you didn’t give them ridiculous names. When I come across dogs in parked cars or on walks with their people, I usually say something like “Hey, Fluffyblonde McTailwagger! How are you?” or “Oo… Shiny McSharpteeth… stop barking at me!” Usually this results in perplexed smiles from the dogowner. A few steps later while walking away, I realize that I’ve actually said these things out loud and wonder why it is that I’m not in an institution.

  2. If you truly look into a dogs eyes you will be suprized to find that you can accutlly understand them. And no I have NOT lost it!

  3. No,you people are not crazy…..I,too,have the special ability to understand and communicate with not only dogs but all animals. They truly are the survivors of time.There is so much to learn from them,if we stop and take the time to watch and listen.All dogs,especially,are drawn to me and seem to want to communicate with me in some way and I am honored. I have the utmost respect for the animal kingdom.I only wish that we all had that same respect,but unfortunatly not all of us do……feel free to e-mail me and tell me of your experiences.

  4. you loved me by day and loved me during night even when things werent just right.oh those cats they didnt fight.i lived the best life i couldnt your gone i want to cry…if tears could build a highway and memories a lane id be right up to heaven and bring you home again. in memory of my best friend bandie. dec.20,1987-june 7,2003. rest in peace buddy boy… you may be gone but youre not forgotten. love always pixie,shorty,jose,zoee,tara,suzy,bret.

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