More About the Weather

In the early afternoon, it’s raining and the sun is shining. The rain touches my face and is evaporated, or is absorbed by my skin, or something happens that leaves a light pleasant sting. The two contradictory weather conditions are canceling each other out.

In the late afternoon, a dark raincloud rolls in. It’s blue-tinged in the north and a backlit brown in the south, Bob Ross would’ve used a fair amount of burnt umber. The rain starts up again. Just like before, it’s a bit heavier than mist. With the sun covered, it’s a different experience. I start a list of descriptions. It smells fresh. It tastes wet. It feels sweet. It smells cold. But the rain eases up and then stops; and, though it’s a windless day, – (Damp flags are draped against their flagpoles at half-mast.) – the dark cloud moves east, into the mountains I guess. We still have a layer of cloud-cover, but the air didn’t develop the bite that I’d anticipated.

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