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All of my socks are white (or off-white probably) with gray patches on the toes and heels. (That’s not completely true. I have one pair of dark blue socks, but they’re not important.) The gray heels don’t line up exactly with the heels of my feet – the sock heels ride up a little, covering my ankles and barely hugging the tops of my heels.

Socks come in bundles of 6 or 8 pairs – the packages are labeled with a range of shoe sizes and those ranges overlap. For example, the package for one size of sock might say “for shoe sizes 6-12” and the next larger size will be labeled “for shoe sizes 11-15”. My shoe size happens to fit right in that narrow range of overlap, so if I’m shopping for socks, I have an extra decision to make.

Every time I buy socks I forget which size I chose the previous time. But I have a good track record. I’ve only bought the smaller size once, and that was pretty recently. I’ve learned my lesson.

There’s one anamoly in my sock collect. (I’m not talking about the single unmatched sock. I’m not overly concerned about that situation.) Two of my socks don’t have gray patches on the heels and toes. It’s a pair of plain white socks, a little brighter than the others. (I didn’t mention that the gray patches are a relatively new development. The sock manufacturer first introduced them a few years ago. It was a marketing thing – The package said “Now with reinforced toes and heels!” or something to that effect. The gray heels and toes were supposed to be an improvement. But I can’t tell the difference.) I’m kind of worried that they might have been left in the dryer by one of my neighbors before I put in my laundry. I might be wearing someone else’s socks, I’m just not sure.

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