I spent half the afternoon trying to decide my stand on the clear and clean sky. I can’t quite get a hang of it.

There have been a surprising number of sightings of adults wearing Winnie the Pooh sweatshirts today. I chalked the first one up as an anomaly. But without looking for them, I’ve noticed a number of others throughout the afternoon. It’s possible that this isn’t a fair sampling. People who were caught off guard by today’s mild weather may have had to search their closets for a light jacket or a sweater, but ended up settling on a Pooh sweatshirt that they were given for Christmas.

Having just made what could be read as a dismissive remark about adults who wear shirts featuring the likeness of a cartoon character, I feel it’s only fair I disclose that I sometimes wear a t-shirt with an image of a cartoon rabbit, McConey, printed on the front. Judge me if you must. (I’m sure I would.)

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