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The tissues are packed tightly into the jumbo-size box of off-brand Kleenex. The first one is lost when you try to dig it out. It comes out shredded. The second tissue comes out with some resistance, but mostly intact – any tears in the second were made in your efforts with the first tissue. The next several tissues also come out with resistance, the entire box comes up with the tissue and you have to either hold the box down or shake the tissue loose. Once you’ve made some space in the box, you can pull the tissues out with one smooth pull, though the tissue isn’t freed as gracefully as Kleenex brand tissues. Either these off-brand tissues are folded together using a different technique than Kleenex or the tissues stick together after having been compressed into the small space for so long.

The third hole in my watch’s wristband, the one I usually fit the buckle into, has stretched out enough that my watch fits a bit loosely on my wrist. When I check the time, I first jerk my arm out to the side so that the watch slips from inside my jacket sleeve up to my exposed wrist and the watch-face centers itself. When I use the second hole on my wristband, the watch-face slips off-center toward the outside of my wrist. The wristband has curled over time into the shape of my wrist, but fitting the buckle into another hole undermines the wrist shape.

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