Blog Meetup, Then War

There was another Weblogger Meetup today. It was pretty lively this month. We were chased out of the cafe an hour after it had closed though. Some of the others seemed to be organizing a second stop, but I headed home.

Among those who were present: Anita,
and two others,
Update: Mike and Brian.

I didn’t borrow the list from tyd’s site this month. But I just checked her site to find the two names I missed and she missed them too.

I passed the Federal Building on the way back, there was a small group of protesters. Someone was playing bagpipes. I got home and turned on the TV. NBC was broadcasting an Al Jazeera feed of an address by Saddam Hussein. The audio was drifting between the voices of three different translators, not staying on the same feed for longer than a minute. So I switched to NPR. And now it’s wartime.

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