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Lincoln Towing sign

Something I just noticed, Lincoln Towing has a little Starfleet logo hidden in their sign. Odd.

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  1. Before Road-One bought Lincoln Towing and they were still owned by their founders, Ed and Connie Lincoln, that starfleet sign was instead a “jesus fish”. After the buyout the new owners got rid of the christian symbol.

  2. Probably off topic from this thread, but just wanted to spread the love on the company…had a car impounded by Kens Towing in Redmond. Got it back and it was damaged to the tune of 1700. As Kens has been bought by Road One, the dispute management is handled by Mike Bartolotti and Larry Files with Lincoln. These guys are extremely unhelpful, and when I asked for restitution for the damage caused to my car they were not responsive. Hell, Ken Nikko wouldn’t return my calls for over two weeks.

    Even with their admission and paperwork showing them picking up an undamaged car, and my discovery of paint chips from my car in their impound yard, they did nothing.

    Every time I see a Lincoln towing sign, I cringe just a little at the thought.

    Seems appropriate for a company whose signs sport the Jesus fish.

  3. Lincoln Towing towed my car and stole over $300 worth of Christmas presents I had in the trunk, along with some energy bars, a container of loose change, and a pair of sunglasses. When confronted, they laughed at their guilt and told us to get off their lot. We called the cops and they said they could do nothing because we didn;t actually SEE they take anything. BEWARE!!!

  4. I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with Lincoln Towing about a month ago when I stopped at the Pike Place Market. I had legally parked on 1st avenue, but didn’t realize it turned into an impound zone 3-6PM. Lincoln impounded my car and it cost me close to $200 to get it back. The lady at the impound lot was one of foulest and rudest persons I have ever encountered in Seattle. Although I protested, they just laughed at me and took my money. I witnessed the other victims of their services treated this way too. I was angry, but was also glad to get my car back undamaged and get the hell out of there. I sort of felt like I was escaping from a foreign prison. They only had the car for about 45 minutes and were too busy dragging others in to go through it. I’m sure that would have happened later.

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