Shutter Happy

Lake Washington

The last shot I took with my old camera seems to be foreshadowing.

I got my new camera today and headed out to give it a test drive. Strangers everywhere were giving me advice – where I should go because I was obviously a tourist, what I should take a picture of. I must have seemed both confused and approachable.

One woman had an intermittent conversation with me over a two-block stretch of sidewalk. I was maneuvering around a number of people waiting at a corner – people waiting to cross or waiting for the bus. When I walked around a baby carriage, the mother spoke up, “I know what you’re thinking. He’s a little long to be in a carriage.”


I continued up the street, stopping every couple of minutes to take another photo. I was being a little shutter happy.

The woman strolled past while I was pointing my camera up at a flagpole. “I took photography in college too. But they didn’t give us digital cameras.”

“. . . Okay.”

I nodded a short acknowledgment when I passed by her again a few minutes later.

She was there when I stopped to fiddle with one of the camera settings. “There’s another sphere on the other side, just like the one you saw back there,” she told me, “It would make a nice shot – just like connecting the dots.”

A sphere? “Well, uh, . . . alright.”

She continued up the street.

Updates at Horizon have resumed. I think that, going forward, Horizon will be updated less frequently than before.

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