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Pier 62/63

  • They were painting the top of the Space Needle blue. It was hard to judge whether the irregular little dots up there were people moving around or if they were fixed pieces of equipment.
  • A bird landed on the little bundle of cables that runs out of a hole near the top of a lamppost. It waited a moment, maybe to make sure that no one was watching, and then hopped into the hole.
  • A man hoists the wobbly black plastic bumper for a car over his shoulder and carries it to the corner and around the corner.
  • There was someone sitting with the comics page folded into a tidy rectangle on the counter in front of her. She was filling in the crossword puzzle. (Is the comics page intentionally laid out so that it can be folded into quarters with the crossword fitting on one side?)
  • “Comics” is an affectation when I use it to refer to the comics section. So is “soda”. I grew up calling the comics section “the funnies” and calling soft drinks “pop” and made a conscious decision to change my vocabulary.
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  1. I left before they did, so I can’t be sure. But I’m guessing that they held either a poetry reading or a wrestling match.

  2. soda…. pop…

    for us southerners any caffinated cola type beverage is called a coke.

    You might be ordering a dr. pepper, but it’s still called a coke. Hard to explain… but similar to calling a loud speaker a Tanoy.

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