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Olive Way

I was writing about the musty Datsun Honey Bee my parents had when I was a kid. (My sister claims that the bee decals that decorated either side of the car were mismatched, but I don’t remember that.) Writing about that car transitioned into a list of the things I remembered about the time that a friend cornered me into going to a service at the Pentecostal Church where his father was the pastor. (Maybe his family was trying to convert me. I don’t know.) I was 13 or 14 years old at the time.

About two-thirds of the service was spent singing. The lyrics for most of the songs, as much like camp songs as they were like hymns, were projected onto a screen using an overhead projector. The mechanic who had worked on the Honey Bee during it’s declining years, was a member of the church, and he was present. Late in the service, the pastor – my friend’s dad – asked if anyone felt that they didn’t truly know Jesus and the mechanic stumbled up to the pulpit, weeping. The pastor and the mechanic prayed up there for a couple of minutes and then the service was ended.

Afterward, my friend went over to his mother – who was my seventh grade homeroom teacher – to ask her about something, and he backed off when he realized that she was speaking in tongues. But I think that going over to talk with his mother was really just a pretense for showing me that she was speaking in tongues. Afterwards we probably went over to his house, which was next-door to the church, and played Super Mario Brothers.

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  1. I have a random question: how do you get the cool white/black border on your photos? I know how to get a 1 pixel black border, but not that cool white interior border. I’m curious!

  2. I use both padding and a 1 pixel border. Here’s the CSS:
    background-color: #FFFFFF;
    padding: 5px;
    border: 1px solid #000000;

  3. I kept running across similar scenes as I walked downtown. I think many of the photographers were making use of the nice afternoon light.

  4. The bee decals were mismatched. Originally they matched, but one fender had to be replaced or repainted after a crash and the available bees had changed. I was thinking about that car the other day. It was a tin can with wheels, but it was yellow.

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