Awkward Fit

I don’t wear these jeans very often – the pair that has my usual waist size and inseam size inverted – they’re an inch short in the leg and an inch too wide at the waist. The bit of extra exposed ankle leaves room for a surprising amount of ventilation. The pants drape over my legs pretty loosely, so there’s some room to move around in. I guess they’re good enough for the odd warm summery day, but I’m always overly conscious of them when I have them on: I am wearing pants.

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  1. This reminds me of a friend of your Dad’s. The morning of his wedding they discovered that the tux shop had got the measurements switched for his pants. But it wasn’t a one inch difference. Can you imagine all the groomsmen running all over the city (rather hung-over from the batchelor party the night before) looking for 36/30 pants to replace the 30/36 ones he had been supplied?

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