Limburger Cheese

These are the things that happened this afternoon as the heat wave started to fade and I sat in the shade outside Bauhaus Coffee.

A nervous-looking man walked by and said, “I feel like Limburger cheese.” His tone and posture left those within earshot unsure whether he meant that he’d like to eat Limburger cheese or that he felt the way Limburger cheese feels.

A girl sat on the edge of a big planter staring blankly up the street. Her long purple hair was held back with a red bandanna. One loose strand was hooked over a branch on the shrub in the planter behind her and she didn’t notice.

Anita wandered across me and sat down for a minute with a Diet Coke. As I asked her questions, I realized that I already knew the answers from reading her recent blog entries.

I dug around for my camera to take a photo of an old man standing on the sidewalk beside a little beagle. They’d both moved on by the time I had the camera ready. A woman stepped out from the clothing store next door, untied the dog, and the two of them headed down the street. The man followed a bit behind them, but he and the dog weren’t together; they only happened to be standing there at the same time.

A Russian man squeezed into line in front of me when I went back in for more hot water for my tea. He had a concerned look on his face when he asked the cashier if the coffee shop had any spare chessboards. A guy wearing a Reagan-busters t-shirt waited out of the way for his espresso, flipping through one of the less read free papers.

Finally, a little black dog, who had just hopped out of a Yellow Cab beside a man carrying a rolled up carpet, ran off, first in the wrong direction and then up the hill. His four tiny legs raced to set the pace. He hobbled, off-balance, but unfazed by the stiff gray bandage that bound his left front leg.

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  1. I wondered about that blue-haired person — was zie really a girl?

    I wonder what Lindbergh cheese would be, very light? very patriotic?

  2. Firstly, your writing is just so, so BRILLIANT!

    Limburger cheese? Never tried it… however, it reminds me of cartoons in the sixties and seventies. I think they used to show it as a really stinky in some sort of comic sight gag type thing.

    Keep up the great entries. You are an inspiration!

  3. Shoot, I just noticed that the comment I left here before didn’t take. Now I can’t remember what I wrote. I’m sure it was very complimentary though. I agree with Lola (except for the cheese.) Ditto: Lola! Inspiring, indeed.

  4. stinky kaka rotten crap but not too bad if you are drunk as a skunk and dont have a honey to love

  5. Looking for Little Sugar Valley Limburger Cheese. It’s the brand I had as a child in the 60’s with my father and his German family. I found a Wisconsin supplier last year after not having this brand for over 30 years but cannot find them now. I’ve tried several sites that come up under the name in, but none carry the “Little Sugar…” brand. Can any of you limburger cheese heads help?

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