There are things going on everywhere and most of it, though interesting, is none of my business. That goes double for anything overheard at Elliot Bay Cafe.

The last time I was there, I overheard a couple talking about the man’s extra-marital affairs. (The conversation just kind of drifted in my direction.) Today there was a middle-aged woman in the corner of the cafe farthest from the door, seated with her back turned to the rest of the room. She was on a cellphone, enunciating carefully to compensate for the cafe-sounds and her indistinct accent. She was trying to arrange bail money for somebody.

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  1. That’s kind of how I feel, reading some people’s blogs, like I’m eavesdropping, by accident.
    Or when I watch Oprah, going through one of her self-improvement growth spurts.
    Some things are better left unsaid in public, but oh! the wondrous gems we mine from those conversations “overheard” while minding our own bidness.

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