Raining, Maybe

It was raining outside just now. At least, it was raining on my street. But at the moment, all of the heavy clouds are pushed off toward the horizons. There are only a few thin streaks of cloud in the sky above us. There were three or four people stopped in the sidewalk, studying the sky, trying to trace the raindrops to their source. I wandered by, also looking up, and a man told me, “It’s raining!” And then, sounding less confident, he asked, “Isn’t it?”

I reassured him, “It is.” Then, less certain, “Where is it coming from?”

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  1. Same thing happened downtown today. Many shoppers looked to the nearly-empty blue sky, the freshly polka-dotted-with-rather-larger-than-usual rain drops, and back to the sky again.

  2. The first few years we lived up here we were amazed to feel rain and snow and look up to see crystal blue skies overhead. We figured that the precipitation must be coming from very far overhead or far away and winging its way to us.
    Sometimes in the summer we can stand in bright, sunny warm air that is in the 60’s and watch snowflakes adorn us like rice at a wedding. Those pesky angels must be having a ball up there, making the rain turn into snow, just so they can throw it down and giggle.

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