New & Umproved

[Closeup of a fly.]

Hey, look: a new layout. I thought it was about time that I brought out a brighter palette. There’s even an RSS feed now, and a less than helpful About page. Please let me know if there are any problems in your favorite browser/OS/screen-res combination.

Link distractions: This is the most earnest Marxist pop/marching song you’ll hear today, and this is the funniest comic strip ever.

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  1. “Contrail” is a new word for my vocabulary. I’ve written about them before, but never new what to call them. Thanks Tom.

    Meg, I’m working on that bug, but it’s pretty persistent.

  2. That fly looks awfully familiar…just like the ones plagueing us while we camped out. Never seen so many before, or so big. And for some reason, they loved my dog’s nose. They have sticking power, too; I had to use force to get ’em off of him. Nasty buggers. That you caught one in your shot so clearly was amazing shutterwork!

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