Christopher Columbus

Waterfront Park, Pier 57 & 59

I saw this statue when I was a kid and I thought it was just the weirdest thing. Is that really what Christopher Columbus looked like? He didn’t have a hole through his head! My family was finishing up a day of site seeing. After puttering around outside for a bit, we moved on to have dinner at the fish and chips place right there at the pier. I kept talking about the statue while we were eating. I wondered aloud why we hadn’t gotten a picture of it. My parents finally sent me out with the camera to take the photo. I went outside and headed over to the statue, it had gotten dark since we’d gone inside to eat. It felt a little queasy when I pressed the shutter button on the camera and the flash went off. Taking pictures was something that kids just didn’t do. It seemed like something that involve spending money somewhere along the line – something that I wasn’t very comfortable with. My parents hadn’t found the statue worthy of a picture, how could it be picture-worthy based only on my say-so?

I don’t have a point here. This is just something I remember about this statue.

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