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Lake Washington Blvd.

Daniel shared a canoe with my mom and me. He wore Mickey Mouse ears tilted at a jaunty angle, like a beret. My sister Karen crinkled her nose at the swampy foliage and told us, “There were cat tails growing in my lawn. Isn’t that weird?” She lives in the Phoenix suburbs, out in the desert. Karen shared her boat with our mutual nephew Chris, seven years old. Chris seemed as confident with his paddle as anyone. The oldest kids and Rachel’s au pair didn’t get their rowboat far. The two kids had the oars going every which way and were taking the boat in circles.

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  1. Before we left the house, Rachel had asked all the kids if they had hats. They all had hats. Daniel chose his own hat.

  2. You can imagine my thought process when I was teamed up with Jeff and a three year old in that canoe.

  3. Hello Jeff’s Mom – It takes a brave person to get in a canoe with Jeff. Congratulations on surviving.

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