The Unmemorable Man

There’s a guy I run into sometimes who knows my name and a bit about my background, but I can never remember anything about him. When some personal detail about him comes up in the course of a conversation, I forget it immediately. I guess it’s pretty cruel and self-centered.

I don’t remember who he is or how we met. I’ve forgotten his name every time that he’s mentioned it. I wasn’t even able to recognize him by sight for the longest time. When he’d run into me, it would take a few seconds before his uninflected nasal voice would trigger the memory of the man I couldn’t remember.

I asked him to remind me how we met, and he told met that we had run into each other a lot when I used to walk up Some Street on my way home, back when I lived Someplace. I had lived on the street that he’d mentioned, but I couldn’t remember talking to him then; and now I can’t even remember which street he’d mentioned or where I was living at the time.

I’ve finally memorized his face. I recognize him when he turns up, but only as the man that I don’t recognize.

2 thoughts on “The Unmemorable Man

  1. What an excellent superpower to have… think of all the impunitable havoc an unmemorable man could wreak!

  2. So with just the mearest notion of a superpower and you’ll line up immediately with the super villains. Interesting.

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