Duck, See also 3/14/03 & 6/25/03

Is it bad luck when a duck bites your finger, or is it good luck? I ask this because it seems like it would be one of those, and also because a duck bit me on the finger.

A very bold duck and it’s slightly shier crony, waddled over from the lake and swarmed around me while I was eating lunch at the Arboretum. They were after my sandwich. When I finally tore off a chunk of bread for them, the bold duck took it straight from my hand.

3 thoughts on “Luck?

  1. i don’t know if it is good or bad luck however, aren’t animals scary when they want your food? i was almost bowled over by a dear while sitting outside of a temple in japan.

  2. *sings off key* Rubber ducky you’re the one… to make bathtime oh so fun!

    Sorry.. it was just a cute ducky. ;)

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