Life Story

There’s a woman sitting next to me at the lunch counter at the Three Girls’ Bakery. Her companion runs off on an errand just as their food is being served. She digs a wallet out of her purse and asks the server, “Would you mind if I paid now?”

“Nope. But first, are you going to have anything to drink?”

“I’ll have a Coke.”

“Anything for your friend?”

“No, my brother won’t want anything.”

“Alright. That’ll be nine dollars.”

She hands over the money and says, “I’m a stoner.”

The counter guy stands there and looks at the money, trying to decide the significance of this new information. ” . . . You’re a stoner?”

“Yeah. I’m his donor – his bone marrow donor.”

“Oh, okay.” He punches up her order on the cash register and comes back with some change. He is still confused.

“Did you think I said stoner?” She points at her brother’s stool, “He used to be a stoner.”


“He’s lucky that I turned out to be a perfect match.”

“Yeah. I guess he would be.”

Her brother comes back. “Are you ready?”

“Yep.” She picks up her bread bowl. “Let’s take these somewhere and eat.”

The counter guy raises his hand, “Good luck!”

The woman nods her head in return, “Thanks.”

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