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Pekar/Crumb, American Splendor #9

Harvey Pekar, everyman/oddball-cartoonist of some renown, and his family are blogging.

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  1. The actor who played Harvey Pekar was on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Jon Stewart actually asked something to the effect of “What was it like to play a pop culture legend?”, which was jarring — I don’t tend to think of Harvey Pekar as…

  2. The Letterman appearances, especially the “On Strike Against NBC” meltdown, might have given him a level of pop notoriety among some people.

    The studio people who are apparently posting the entries to the Pekar blog don’t seem to be paying attention to the freshness of their material. The last two entries were obviously written weeks before some of the entries posted before them.

  3. My brother found two old issues of American Splendor #9 & #10. Are they worth anything? Does anyone want to buy them? Thanks

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