Seasonal (Repeating Myself)

Fall arrived all at once on Saturday night. By all at once I don’t mean that there was a gust of wind and the leaves fell from their trees, but the shift between the seasons happened over just a couple of hours. I had dinner on Broadway and then went home. It was still a summer evening. I was inside for a while before I noticed the sound of rainfall outside. The rain had already passed by the time I got out to walk around. The rain-smell in the air was strong and earthy, almost pungent. It was fall. I should have taken a jacket.

It’s been a couple of days. Now I’m tracking in little yellow leaves from the tree next to the building entrance. It was gray out today and it was raining for awhile. For the time being, I think I’m finding this weather more comfortable after our 50 days over 70 degrees.

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