Three A.M.

[Jack O' Lanterns]

A pumpkin bit me (or something like that), and I had to get stitches. A trailer hitch bit my car, and I had to get the license plate mount stitched back on.

2 thoughts on “Three A.M.

  1. Thanks for breaking in my brand new IKEA knife, though…and hey, this is just Gregory and Godd. Where’s -your- pumpkin?

  2. You do realize that you have a long family history with knives, don’t you? Like, the great-great-great…great-great-someone who pulled one on Myles Standish and got kicked out of Plimouth. And of course your great-great-grandfather who pulled a bayonet on his lieutenant and spent the rest of the Civil War in the stockades. Watch out for knives.

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