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The blog – this blog – is three years old today. At one point, it looked like this.

It’s also been about three years since I started reading weblogs regularly. I sat down to make a list of some of the weblog writing that has stuck in my head over that time, and then searched through weblog archives to look for those entries. I dug up a handful of the one’s I remembered and a few entries that I forgot, but that I’m including in place of those that I couldn’t find (or perhaps, those that I made up). Most of them are from the last year and a half; so I guess that I have a short memory.

11/12/03 What’s New, Pussycat?: The Trampoline
9/17/03 Ftrain.com: A Surprise Night
7/1/03 Use Your Hands: Are you a lucky person?
4/4/03 The Hoopla 500: For the Duration of This Cheese Sandwich
3/20/03 jeffschuler.net: bus stop: Tangier-Fes
1/31/03 thenyoudiscover: Grocery
9/10/02 Oblivio: News
9/9/02 Textism: After the Floods
9/6/02 Electrolicious: Part of It
8/14/02 Eeksy-Peeksy: Cemetery of Nonexistent Cemeteries
7/19/02 Oblivio: Meditations on Sweatin’ to the Oldies
9/13/01 lightningfield.com: 9.13.2001
8/11/01 little.red.boat: “Call it half past two in the morning.”

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