Eastlake and Azure

I’m staying at Samantha’s for a few days while a newly poured floor is settling in my hallway. (Who would imagine that a floor could come out of a bucket. That’s something that might happen in a Looney Tunes cartoon.)

I’m at a cafe on Eastlake sitting at the window watching the traffic roll by. On the other side of the window, on a sidewalk table, there’s a vintage (mid-20th century) coffee can serving as an ash tray. Something has been burning inside the can since I sat down. There’s a steady plume of smoke that’s only just starting to fade.

There’s a little orange dog waiting outside and looking unhappy. People who pass by lean down to pet it, first holding out a hand for it to sniff — a bit of dog petting etiquette that I usually forget.

This was posted with Azure, a Movable Type posting client that works on internet-connected Palm-based PDAs (and presumably anything that runs the Java Runtime Environment). Setup was easy and it has an intuitive UI. Let’s see if this is posted.

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