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Beans for Breakfast is a web-thing by me, Jeff Sharman. New stories, photos, or other things are posted one or ten times a week.

I live in sunny Seattle, Washington, and grew up outside Grandview, Washington – in the Yakima Valley. My most recent meal was a Caprese sandwich. I’m not sure how that’s pronounced. The people at the cafe where I had the sandwich are starting to recognize me as a regular and will probably be able to predict my order soon. A few days ago, I got a voice message from a former classmate about my ten year high school reunion. The stapler on my desk is 17 inches long, and I have seasonal allergies. My dad is going to retire soon. I’m currently trying to create a job from scratch.

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  1. I will miss “older than Garfield, taller than average, hair sticks up in odd places.” Or was it “taller than Garfield…?”

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