More Dead Birds

[Stuffed parrot]

As soon as the latest delivery of taxidermied chickens arrived, it was packed up and shipped away to a psychic channeler of some repute – a close friend of the soap star who bought up the last few chickens from the December order. Now Samantha’s boss has placed two nineteenth century stuffed parrots in the store’s window display. Samantha is skeptical about her boss’s claim that they’re more than 100 years old. But they’re dusty and faded, and it’s clear that they’ve seen better days – I mean even since the day before they were stuffed and preserved. These birds are from Samantha’s boss’s personal collection, so officially they’re not for sale, but a whisper price is being circulated. Bargain shoppers would be disappointed, they’re at least the price of six stuffed chickens. Regarding the chickens, another delivery should be coming soon. Some of them are already reserved for the psychic channeler. For spring, there will be taxidermied baby chicks. Sadly, all of this is true.

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  1. Poor little chicks. Crazy world we live in. Reminds me of a stuffed ostrich we saw in India. It was missing chunks of its body, and had fist sized holes in its neck so you could see straight through it to the wall. In a word: gross. It had to have seen better days… many, many moons ago for sure.

  2. Oh my god, it’s the long-extinct hypermoties tanager!

    s long as we’re heading tin this direction, you might appreciate a visit to the lower floor of the Fremont Antique Mall, rear corner, where the former proprietor of the antique store on Pike where the pet store is now (or is it Pine? across from the furniture place under the Gasoline Museum thingy, up the street from City Market):

    He actually appears to have specialized in failed taxidermy, and in the space I cite above as well as his former location in Fremont a human mummy about 100 years post-mortem was always on display in her coffin, her grey parchment skin shedding and falling away a wee bit every year.

  3. When I was young (in the 50s) I swear that I received a stuffed baby chick for part of my Easter gift. My friends think I am making this up. Was something like this popular in the 50s or am I hallucinating? Thanks!

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