A Dream

[David Byrne - still from True Stories]

A gang of runners passed by. They wore yellow hooded sweatshirts like the one’s my middle school track team wore. Some of the sweatshirts said “True Stories” on the front. I like the David Byrne film by that title, so I stopped a runner that was falling behind and tried to convince him to give me a sweatshirt. He said he couldn’t, but that he would get me in touch with the person who gave him his. He dialed a cell phone and gave it to me.

“Hello? This guy says you can get me one of those True Stories t-shirts.”

I was surprised that it was TYD on the phone. She said, “Yes, I can get you a sweatshirt. But, do you like that band?”

“It’s a band?”

I found myself watching a video for one of the band’s songs, and it was awful. I was disappointed, because that meant the movie would never be re-released in theaters.

One thought on “A Dream

  1. I love true stories , its my favorite movie ever. david byrne s wonderful. I am happy you like the movie as well.. whenever i show one of my friends the movie they are very puzzled and eitehr hate it or have no idea what just happened. I love it! yayy

    It shows humanity so beautifully

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