After April Fool

My April Fool’s prank was a hit. I heard back from most of the targeted site’s owners and Mike Whybark worked everything out in the first twenty minutes.

What happened: I put together cloned versions of some of the sites that link to Beans for Breakfast, and I had a script substitute the clone for my usual site layout whenever someone arrived at my site via a link from one of the targeted sites. So some readers who followed links to this site from other weblogs yesterday saw a version of my site using a layout stolen from the linking site.

I bulldozed through the source code of several weblogs in a couple of sittings last week, replacing their content with Movable Type templates. I lost momentum at the end and didn’t get to a few of the sites I’d wanted to do. Also, the last couple that I did finish are lazier adaptations than some of the others. Here are some screenshots.

burning paper
Fox in the Snow
The Jer Zone
Lessons From the Kissing Booth

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