“Hey, I know that guy!”

[Crow perched on Pier 62/63 sign]

I’ve seen this bird before.

Alright then. It seems that I’m beginning to recognize individual birds… I’ve either been spending too much time with the birds at the store, or I’ve been hanging out at the waterfront too much.

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  1. well, this bird has been banded four times. It probably stays probably stayed in this same area for most of it’s life.

  2. The NY-based zoologist that Mike linked to tags each crow with a unique combination of colored bands, so that he can identify each bird. If this guy is tagged in the same way, he is RB-GYS — for the red and blue bands on his right leg and the green, yellow, and silver bands on his left.

  3. DON’T throw peanuts at him. Unless you want a new friend-for-life!

    Although it would be funny if, every time you walk past him, say “Hey, Hal.” See if he responds to Hal eventually.

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