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[Lenin statue with rubber ducky]

The Fremont Lenin had a sort of crown of thorns and a new decoration for his hat this weekend.

[photo album]

One vendor at the Fremont Sunday Market (It’s a small blogosphere.) had a set of photo albums from an estate sale. April 1981 was a busy month for someone who visited “Bangkok, Hong Kong, The Nixon Library, Jeddah & Taif Arabia, and the Au Hadda Purchasing Dept.”

[stone carving of Chief Sealth]

John posted a photo of a carving like this last year. He found it in Tukwila. This one is at the Daybreak Star Cultural Center in Discovery Park. They were originally part of a building that stretched between Union and University on Fourth Avenue. The northern half of that building was demolished and replaced, and many of the carvings were apparently saved. The carvings on the southern end of the original building are still intact.

["SARS has a posse" sticker]

It’s been hours since I’ve read a new Sars the Chicken post. I’m just keeping up the momentum.

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