The Bald Man

[sticker-covered newspaper box]

In this week’s Stranger, Amy Jenniges briefly ponders a recent spate of “The Bald Man is watching you” tags in Ballard. Jenniges (aka Mrs. Dan Savage) concludes, “The only hint we do have: Ballard is Middle English for ‘bald head.'” Interesting.

The Bald Man has been all over Seattle’s lamp posts, dumpsters, and newspaper boxes for months. (At least since September according to Samantha.) He’s watching you, me, the Stranger, and the rest of Seattle. Mostly though, I suspect, he’s keeping his eye on Sars the Chicken.

[dull black newspaper boxes]

A number of these solid black padlocked newspaper boxes are scattered around on Capitol Hill. Perhaps they’re the only source for some dark underworld newspaper — unlocked for one hour a month, at midnight on the full moon.

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  1. bald man rolls up in the top ranks
    i once saw a cold k sticker that said:
    ” I went around Seattle and rated the best tags, here is the awards”
    1. Kosher
    2. The Baldman
    3. BOTW

    It was really cool, I like baldman alot more than kosher though

  2. Hey you guys, my name is Anton and i live on capitol hill and i am infact the real “baldman”. I look nothing like him. Incase you were wondering, the baldman reflects my father, who died of cancer in September, I put up the stickers in his memorial. Thanks for the props.

    Peace and love, Anton

  3. Hey, it’s me again. Just in case you were wondering the 3heart girl sticker that is often next to mine, that is my twin brother jacob’s sticker. We usually tag together. His sticker is in memorial of our dear mother who died in a fatal car accident about a month ago. That is our story, please tell the world.

    Peace, Anton

  4. Freeslak’s comments (which come from an IP address allocated to a Denver ISP) aren’t consistent with the handful of emails I’ve traded with the artists who do the Bald Man stickers and the stencil girl stickers.

  5. So after hearing the slander and the truth, I am lost on what to believe. But Jeff, do you know more than I? Is The Baldman a group of Seattle-based artists? Or is it just one guy? What is the true history behind him? Hopefully freeslak won’t give me a bogus answer.

  6. I’ve traded a couple of emails with the sticker artist who does the stenciled girl stickers. He goes by “Dayvd” and has a livejournal here.

    I’ve also had a little contact with the artist who did the “Robot Ghost” Cold K knock-offs. He’s a friend of Dayvd’s. I was under the impression that he’s also the artist who does The Bald Man, though The Bald Man artist may be a third member of their crew.

    I’ve seen a few Bald Man tributes by other artists, but I think The Bald Man is largely by one guy.

  7. The bald man is done by a dance major at cornish college of the arts. he over-stickers and is probably compinsating for the lack of something else…

  8. bald men multiply in the night I go to sleep and then I wake up in the morning and there are twice as many as before so the only thing for me to do is put them up as fats as I can before they overrun my home from the inside out…bald life nica

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