Proposed Land Use Action

[Trashed porch]

A guy came up to me while I was taking this photo and we started speculated about who might be living in this house. This is an interesting corner. There’s another worn down house next door. There’s a big colorful school bus with a chimney parked on the lawn, and a tiny garage that somebody might be living in. I haven’t studied the “Notice of Proposed Land Use Action” sign that’s posted on the garage, but I presume that everyone is being evicted and that the houses will be replaced with condos.

The man I’d been talking to explained that he’d once helped save a condemned apartment building in New York under a squatters’ rights law. Then he introduced himself, he’d just gotten out of the VA hospital and was moving into tent city. He’d come over from Bothell because he thought that one of the church’s on my street was giving out lunch today, but it turns out they only do that on Wednesdays. “Bothell is an odd place for us to be, since all the services are down here in the city.” I mentioned that Madison Market was giving out free tofu hotdogs today. “I just had one. It was really good.” That didn’t seem to appeal to him, but he thanked me before moving on.

[hotdog graffiti]

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