Tags and Flowers

[Stencil girl sticker on street sign]

I’ve seen a few stencils by this artist painted directly onto sidewalks and mailboxes. These are the first stickers I’ve noticed. They’re all over the place around 15th Avenue right now.

[Stencil girl sticker with Bald Man sticker]

Many are posted alongside The Bald Man.

[Widget sticker]

The blue widget is a Beatkit sticker. The artist’s paintings were pretty visible in Seattle cafes and galleries around the time that I moved here. He has a book and a broken Flash site.


a traffic circle garden

3 thoughts on “Tags and Flowers

  1. those two stickers are all over the place…I found one in my mail box yesterday…and then there was also one in the paper that I got from the news paper stand…the girl and bald man that is.

  2. that top one is actually made from a picture my friend did of me. randomness…

  3. from where im from there is a lot of 7.1.2. stickers they even have a myspace site myspace.com/712cru

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