June 2004 Calendar

Marcus H. of Bugford, Kansas writes that shortly after he printed the Beans for Breakfast May Calendar using the metric A4 format file and decidedly non-metric North American letter size paper, his employers announced they’d begin honoring UK Bank Holidays. Across the pond at Forthwithshire in the Home Counties, Stan M. claims his love life improved dramatically after he printed April’s Beans for Breakfast calendar using the letter size file and A4 paper.

I make no guarantees that your results could be the same as these lucky gentlemen’s. In fact I’m required by law to discourage such experiments. But if your luck can be traced back to printing the June Beans for Breakfast calendar with mismatched paper sizes, I’d like to know about it. Send email to (jeff at this domain) or leave a comment below.

This is the June Beans for Breakfast calendar. Files are 130 kb PDFs, which means that Acrobat Reader (or something like it) is required:

Letter Size (United States & Canada)
ISO A4 (Everyone else)

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