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[Cold K/Fluxus sticker]

Someone mapped out the Cold K mutations on this sticker on Broadway. The word on the sticker is fluxus, an art movement that seems to be defined by its obscure boundaries.

“Fluxus” is followed by a colon and – on the next line – a progression of different Cold K ghosts. The last of the Cold Ks is a question mark. One (overly-?)close reading of the sticker might be that it’s saying that the progress of Cold K is fluxus.

There’s a cartoon character standing on the first Cold K. He might be part of the flow of ghosts. Or he may be the sticker artist standing on a Cold K soapbox and saying, “This is fluxus.” If he represents the latter, is he in on BOTW, or is he an outside observer and commentator?

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  1. Cold K pacman appears in the current print version of The Stranger about the guy who’s heading up a new experimental – laptop wireless synth and loop program music – couple of cities have such groups. The picture shows this guy, Hammond I think, with a laptop with the (Dell, Apple, HP) logo on the back of the LCD screen covered with the BOTW Ghost. hmmm – it’s online too at . another sighting – actually lots of people will see this one.

  2. I made this sticker. I am FLUXUS. It is a recruiting Sticker. There is one sent to every modern city. For more information, leave a sticker where this one was placed (near the funeral home by the College on Broadway). BOTW is part of a larger organization called “ROBOTWINS”. BOTW is a tagging crew, FLUXUS is an art movement. The small cartoon character represents myself, the sticker artist. My work is for sale and I am represented by SOB PUP records.

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