The left lane was coned off for construction and the right lane was blocked by construction vehicles. The digger up front finally pulled away. The utilities truck stayed put, though signaling right. I pulled around it tentatively, looked to the driver who seemed poised to pull forward at any moment. I looked to the flagger who signaled for me to move. He seemed irritated. I pulled into the intersection and turned right. The marquis of the Paramount Theater flashed in my peripheral vision for a moment — it said, in giant letters, “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”. I slowed as I was coming up to the steel plates in the next block. A police officer in a flourescent safety vest stood in the middle of the street and aggressively signaled for me to keep going, ignoring the pod of pedestrians crossing in front of me.

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  1. I too stopped and puzzled over that.

    I think it’s a good sign – they need work, and don’t expect the main event any time soon, so why not put that name recognition to good use?

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