[abandoned beverage]

How about some photos?

[golf clubs in landscape]

Did I mention that I played golf this weekend?

[Golfer and flag]

I played golf this weekend.

[Cigarette butts]

Also, I was caught sneaking a cigarette and was forced to smoke all of these. Boy, I’m never going to try that again.

[Guy in a Charlie Brown shirt]

Okay, I didn’t smoke any cigarettes. But I did play golf.

[Cold K Eisenhower sticker]


4 thoughts on “Photos

  1. My brother’s name is Charlie. He has the shirt too… but it’s pretty cool on him. He pulls it off well. Eww… not, like, strips, but you know. He can carry that look. Gross. Must stop thinking of him pulling off his clothes. Bye.

  2. haha thats sick how many smokes you can just find in the corner on a street!!!!! what has this world come to?

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