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This weekend I ended up at a baseball game with Samantha, Cat, and Cat’s friend Sameer. The Mariners lost to the Red Sox 8-0. Reagan was president the last time I went to a Mariners game. They lost that game too. Am I bad luck or what?

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  1. The last time I went to a Mariners game was during the Clinton Administration. They lost that game too, by a score of something like 13 to 3. The Mariners had three home-runs, though.

  2. The Mariners stunk through the 80s and up to the middle 90s. They were good for 3 years. Then they stunk again for a couple of years. Then they were good again from about 2000 to 2003. They stink once again in 2004.

    Chances are better than not that if you see a Mariners game in 98 or 2004, they lost that game.

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