Saying Hello

A baby has been left alone in a shopping cart near the store’s entrance for a little too long. He’s moaning sadly to himself, not yet crying. I give him a little encouraging smile, and he quickly reassembles his composure. He looks back at me with a business-like expression on his face and waves hello. His waving gesture is oddly practiced and deliberate. He resumes moaning and begins rocking forward and back after I walk past him.

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  1. Odd day. I was walking near Westwood Village when I heard this “tinkle, tinkle” behind me. I turn around and this puppy black terrier with rabies tags jangling, jumps up on my legs. I crouch down and stroke and pet the little guy, he was shivering and it was a really nice day. Like 72 or so. I crouch there with this tiny pup on my lap for maybe five minutes, talking to him, making sure he’s really okay. I was in the neighborhood which borders east of the shopping center – lots of homes with large yards and no fences. I figured he somehow got out of his yard and was scared since he was so young. After five minutes or so, he jumps off, walks around me and then heads for the nearest blackberry bush to sniff it out. I continued walking looking back to see if he was okay and he seemed to be merrily exploring his new neighborhood.

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