I Am

[painted-over graffiti]

I am getting some work done, out of tea, getting over a cold, frustrated and uninspired, making one more draught on my savings, not feeling the Christmas spirit, ignoring an email, and at least six feet if I stand up straight.

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  1. It was good to see you the other evening. Sorry about the despondency – there’s no real reason to “have” to have a Christmas spirt so ignore that feeling. I’d say cheer up but then maybe you don’t feel like it. Have a better tomorrow.

  2. I find you quite inspiring, though i’ve only started reading your journal 3 days ago. You have a unique beauty about your life and the way you see things. Don’t let troubles or worries cloud the essence of the gift you are given everyday. There is always something beautiful surrounding you that deserves your observation and gifted writing.

    I wish you a merry Christmas Jeff…

    yours truly,


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