Last Minute Shopping

Desperately looking for a last second Christmas present? Here’s what’s open in my neighborhood:

  • 99 Cent Store: candles, sunglasses, water pistols
  • Jack in the Box
  • My Favorite Piroshky: Russian dinner pastries
  • Hollywood Video
  • Twice Sold Tales: used books
  • Castle Superstore: adult gifts
  • Espresso Vivace Coffee Stand
  • TNT Espresso
  • Blooms on Broadway: flowers
  • the friendly Thai Restaurant
  • Glade Market: beef jerky, cigarettes

4 thoughts on “Last Minute Shopping

  1. Well I think that’s at least 3 times as many places as was open in my neighborhood – there was a Starbucks open, a Safeway, and a gas station. I suppose the Safeway would be good for a gift of wine and cheese! Me, I needed milk.

  2. And Walgreen’s. Don’t forget about them. They bailed our butt out 8pm on Christmas Eve when I found out we needed a gift for my brother’s wife’s brother’s child….

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