Remember When I Had a Weblog?

I didn’t specifically set out to avoid caffeine today. But I spent the whole day without a sip of tea or a drop of cola. It’s possible that this was my first caffeine free day in ten years; or maybe my body has started producing its own caffeine.

I finally put most of my used book inventory up on Amazon, and aside from a quick trip to the weblog meetup, I’ve spent most of the day tweaking the inventory database and scrambling to get books shipped. The first book ordered was Color Me Beautiful, the ’80s guide to choosing the right colors for your wardrobe.

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  1. My mom has Color Me Beautiful! I remember going to a consultation with her as a kid. I’m a true “Winter” and my mom still believes I should wear the colors and makeup suggested when I was 8. Even worse, I actually second guess my clothes choices if they’re in a different color group. Sad, but true.

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