Friday at 5:30

It’s Friday. I just walked the two blocks to the post office to drop off the day’s packages and then walked half a block back to Vivace to relax and to try to do a little work. I open my laptop and it connects to the wireless network. I put together two emails, hit send, and get two error messages back: can’t connect to the mail server. I try loading a few different sites in a browser and can’t connect to anything. A neighbor is pecking away at a Google search result. He’s connected, so I poke around in my network settings. Airport status shows a yellow light: I’m connected, but I’m not connected. Reboot and nothing’s changed. At this point I could just work on something offline, but I can feel my brain going soft in my head and my drink isn’t caffeinated enough to get me recharged. I skim through help files, blindly change a couple of settings around, and reboot twice. In the end I’m online again. I’ve abandoned the thought of work. I load Bloglines and there’s nothing there for me to read. You can call that last one kharma.

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