[bright orange poppy]

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  1. Oh! Is that an Oriental Crimson Poppy? I tried to grow those last summer but our season is too short. So, I just looked at the picture on the seed packet instead. How beautiful! A little red vibration next to a dead heap…

    I missed your site. I think I finally might have figured out my typepad blogroll.

    I was just down in your neck of the woods recently. It’s very wet. I bet your book bindings do well, though. Unlike mine, which are cracking, flaking and evaporating into a puff of dust everytime I touch them. Maybe I’ll get a squirt bottle and hose them down occassionally. I tried rubbing oil into them but they all just sucked it up like a thirsty desert floor. I was afraid I would ruin the printed pages with oil stains.

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