July 2005 Print Calendar

Here’s July’s print calendar. The theme this month is independence.
Letter Size
A4 Format

Update: I’ve uploaded corrected versions of the July calendar. Thanks and apologies to Kat, the strongest link in the chain of Beans for Breakfast calendar users.

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  1. Oh, I rue the day I printed out the Beans For Breakfast Print Calendar #18 and added it to my sad beige cubicle for a bit of pretty color. (The dates for the forward-looking August mini-calendar-in-a-calendar are a bit off and, using the calendar as you would use a calendar, I glanced at it often and put “Thursday, August 3” all over a big stupid project that we just printed… LOL!) I am now the weakest link in my department’s production workflow chain! A Marketing Department Pariah Is Me!

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