Lessons Learned, Decisions Made, and Things Thunk in 2005

  • If you have a particular understanding of one aspect of world affairs and you believe that the majority of the public’s understanding of this matter is more or less consistent with yours, and if one day the media confirms your understanding of this matter but reports it as new information, then you were misinformed.
  • If a barber tries to put product in your hair, don’t resist. He’s probably right to do it, and you can wash it out when you get home anyway.
  • Something about friendship, distance and making space, time and loss. It’s hard to explain.
  • The “Robin laid an egg” line in the schoolyard version of Jingle Bells is a pun. I never realize that until last week. You know, I knew the younger brother of the guy who added the “Joker got away” line. He was in my class. True story.
  • Chas, I never answered your question. The thing is I don’t miss my childhood much, or anyway I don’t miss it often. My chilhood was easy enough and happy enough. I’m sentimental about it at times and am always curious about other people’s childhoods. But I think I prefer being an adult more than I did being a child. I think I’m getting better at it too.
  • Calendar tomorrow.

Okay. Enough reflecting. I’m going to go kick 2006’s ass. You got my back?

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  1. I’ve got your back, Jeff. For some strange reason, we keep running into each other in unusual but interesting haunts. Keep your curiosity as highly tuned as it already is – I get tons of complements on your picture (Mikey’s photo show leftovers!). Thanks. Happy 2006 – see ya.

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