I have eight prints to give away. They’re 6″x8″s made on a Kodak printer at a drugstore. The print quality of most of them is great, but I’d rate a couple of them at just pretty good. Most are photos that have been posted here at one time or another.

The subjects of the photos are:

  • seagulls (taken)
  • Cold K (taken)
  • a winter hat
  • windows
  • stickers (taken)
  • a crustacean
  • a famous Italian explorer
  • a Lincoln administration cabinet member

If you’d like one, claim one of the items listed above in the comments and send me an email (jeffATstruatDOTcom) with your address. Also, let’s do some fake marketing research, in your comment tell me: If you left a bowl of jelly beans out to be picked over for a few days, which color would the largest number of the leftovers be?

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  1. i avoid the black beans like the black plague.

    “Although the vast majority of historians consider him Italian, various doubts have been expressed regarding Columbus’ national origin.”

  2. I would eat all the blacks first! I love them so much. Yellow or green would be leftover for me. I hate citrus jelly beans.

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