Alki, By and By

  • an eagle on the beach
  • a pair of Rollerblades that fit tight
  • a sign post bent into the shape of the front end of a pickup
  • a “Private Beach Keep Off” sign
  • a green cap
  • a yellow polo shirt with the words “I Know Massage” printed on its back
  • half a dozen monkey puzzle trees
  • two radio controlled gliders, roughly the shape and color of seagulls
  • a latter day addition to a historical marker acknowledging the names of those who are only referred to as “and wife” on the original monument

One thought on “Alki, By and By

  1. Yo, Jeff, really like the new site. Next time you’ve a mind to stroll Alki, give me a call – I can bike or bus or drive down there in a really short time. I actually hang out at the Alki Bakery on dreary mornings, love to watch the fog and rain roll into Elliott Bay while sitting comfortably inside the cafe. cheers – see you around.

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